Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Narrow Gauge Ballast Regulator

Knox Kershaw has delivered a metre-gauge KNG 800 Ballast Regulator to Malaysia.

The US firm has previously built standard and broad gauge machines, but this is its first designed specifically for narrow gauge railways.

Available for 914, 1000, and 1067 mm gauges, the 18 tonne KNG 800 can be loaded into a container for easy transport between sites.

Offered in gauges of 36 inches, one meter, and 42 inches, the KNG 800 is a powerful track dressing machine for narrow gauge applications. It is equipped with a one pass type plow, reversible side wings, and a broom attachment, all within a width of 9 feet. A 240-horsepower engine is standard, as is a shift-on-the-go six-speed powershift transmission.

The large cab affords great visibility and is provided with joysticks controls, comfortable seat with mechanical suspension, and air conditioning. Ballast wings are constructed of T-1 steel and feature breakaway cylinder mounting to minimize potential damage. Articulated template doors are available and provide excellent control while dressing the shoulder.

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* Aku tak pasti untuk syarikat mana 'Ballast Regulator' ini diserahkan. Tapi yang pasti ianya akan digunakan dalam projek - projek landasan berkembar elektrifikasi yang sedang rancak dijalankan.

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